WeVux is a design-oriented blog with a strong focus on young talents and students.

Our aim is to discover new trends and fresh ideas and, at the same time, to present projects that share a critical approach to their field of interests.

Our clusters, Design Architecture Art and Communication, allows us to show You different range of works. A special cluster *HOTLIST* will introduce You to some of the young talents that we had the chance to meet or contact.

Our mission is to discover ideas and dreams from young creatives and to collect advises and tips from more experienced ones.




In the online world, overwhelmed by blogs, WeVux wants to be different:

as aforementioned, our focus are young creatives and students; we invite them to send us their works and if selected we ask them further questions but we also try to give You their intimate point of view on their practice and experiences.

WeVux wants to be different not only selecting the best projects but also trying to explain You the critical approach that some of them share. Quality for quantity: one article per day can help You to approach our design-oriented point of view.





The idea behind WeVux dates back to six years ago when three students were talking about their future in front of a beer. The inspiring conversation was about the missing element between the students and the professional world. When “fresh out of college”, students have often great ideas and concepts but sometimes not yet ready to be effective projects. There is still the need of collecting feedbacks and inspirations. What if there was a place where to find them?

The week after these three students went to the major design schools in Milan to interview over one hundred students, asking them the same questions they were asking themselves a few days before. It turned out that the issue was more common that expected.

That was just the beginning… Only in the first six months, WeVux published over fifty works from Italian students defining itself as the place where to give room to young designers. In the following years, WeVux continued with its mission of discovering them, promoting their works and helping them to get the visibility they deserve.





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