Japanese studio FujiwaraMuro Architects has completed a narrow timber house, named Tiny House, in Kobe. The original site measured 22sqm and the studio was able to design a 63sqm house, less than 3m wide.

The building presents a facade clad in boards of knotted timber, the interior spaces are developed around a central void that cut the house in its whole height. On the ground floor a hallway, with storage on one side and a toilet on the other, leds to the staircase for the upper floors: on the first floor there is a kitchen, the living room and the dining area that connects the previous ones. The bedrooms are located on the upper floor. Since the project is designed for a family, the spaces are developed to allow parents to pay attention to their children: the living room and children bedroom are “visually connected” through the central void and opposite openings.


All Rights Reserved to FujiwaraMuro Architects

Images by Toshiyuki Yano

(via dezeen)

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