ML, VintageFaçon de Venise and Itama are the different brands that LIGHT4 offers the market. Each one of these brands expresses the accurate stylistic choices that provide character and appeal to the design of the luminaires that LIGHT4 creates. The initial element is always only one, light, which is expressed in many different ways: colour effects, furnishing solutions and time-honoured styles. New products offered by each different brand are always functional, reliable and original. With each shape and each technical solution, LIGHT4 always reveals its creativity.

LIGHT4 Srl was established in April 2007 from Treviso and immediately becamea creative workshop. The starting point is light, yet there are no limits to its destination: focusing straight on the future, avoiding reality for a fleeting second, or, more simply, enhancing your interior with simple functional elements, perhaps without rejecting exemplary classic shapes.

_ ML is the new brand created from the legacy of the well-established brand Muranoluce, confirming its development according to the concepts of modern style and design.

_ Vintage As its name indicates, this brand focuses on the past, reintroducing and expressing it with timeless designs. The structure of its suspended lamps, ceiling lamps and wall lamps has followed a tradition of lighting, which extends from Baroque-style lamps to polychrome glass experimental solutions. With their stylish lighting, Vintage brand products provide an excellent combination of furnishings and decoration, luxury and functionality. A touch of glamour enhances top-quality products, with daring modern details to make the most classic shapes innovative.

This line has been completed in the last year olso with “Interiors” is a new series whit expresses the fusion style of LIGHT4 at its best, extends its horizons.

_Façon de Venise surprises, make us dream and arouse our interest:the lamps and solutions offered by Façon de Venise are the essence of experimentation. This brand is dynamic, offering innovative up-to-date luminaires. Creative design and materials are not restricted by any rules.

Itama is a young, Italian product design firm that specializes in interior lighting fixtures and works on in-house projects.

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