On first instance the work of Russian artist Evgeny Antufiev may appear disturbing or rough, but his small objects, observations and embroidery are full of poetry and a unique way of inhabiting the world.

White banner on white sky, trembling with white shudders. White fangs, white molars, white canines. White ghost talks to me. White smiles. White and disgraced. White and avenged, resurrected, absorbed. White burial. Quiet and white. White lonesome tears. White burglar steals. White offers milk pleasure, white are their eyes. White insects pupating tell white tales of growth. White their kaleidoscopic whiskers as they ramble and gnaw. White desolation in rivers below. White earth knows. White earth: do not interfere, do not even wink, as I raise my idols, white as the worms.


All Rights are reserve to Evgeny Antufiev

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