7 Islas is a minimalist boutique hotel located in Madrid, Spain, designed by Kikekeller. The independent family-run hotel features a new remodeling by the studio that focuses on Bauhaus simplicity fused with the building’s robust original structure consisting of solid wood and steel.

The 79 rooms are focused around comfort and warmth, with interiors and amenities to match. Most notable are the three penthouse deluxe rooms that feature an outdoor terrace overlooking the beautiful cityscape. The calm hotel environment is a welcoming contrast to the bustling streets of Madrid’s city center. The iconic 7 islas lobby features work from emerging artists, cycled every three months with new exhibits. In addition, a craft bar and gastronomic restaurant allow guests and locals alike to gather and enjoy delicious artisanal coffee and the hotel’s signature 7 Craft Beer. The interiors consist of custom-made bespoke pieces designed and manufactured with Kikekeller’s workshop. The atypical headboards are constructed of steel and braided leather, a result of a collaboration between Kikekeller and designer Matías Carbiá.


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