AERIAL DREAM_Julieanne Kost

Julieanne Kost is a digital artist based in San Jose, California​. She was hired by Adobe in 1992 as a Graphic Designer. In 1998, was named one of Fast Company’s “100 Most Creative People in Business” and started to create Photoshop and Lightroom instructions program for customers.

In her work Julieanne combines her passion for photography and her knowledge gained from a degree in psychology. With this article we want to explore her amazing work with aerial photography. Travelling for work about 280 days a year and always been afraid of flying, shooting photographs allows her to stay sane during those long flights, confessed the artist. Her images drawn abstract patterns, shapes, and colors. Her photographs seems to remove the sense of scale, allowing the viewer to create an interpretation of the scene. Each image is published without any retouch, enjoy the gallery below.


All Rights Reserved to Julieanne Kost

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