Al Mefer is a photographer and neuroscientist based in Alicante, Spain; his interest for social, psychological and biological events finds a mean investigating the phenomenology of reality.

Neuroscience plays a big role in his works, as he writes on his website: “In the formation of our reality, three types of color-sensing cells, known as photoreceptors, enable our perception of different wavelengths the brain processes to create a visual representation. Some species have as many as 12 of these sensors, while some have evolved with sight shifted towards infrared or ultraviolet ends of the spectrum. Our biological configuration determines how we experience the world and our knowledge of other biological systems invites us to think of other realities, characterized by features of the unimaginable…” He also says about his method: “In my experience, aesthetic expression represents a sort of meditation, as understood in Buddhist traditions, in which I liberate myself from needs and feelings and the only focus left is the creation of the artwork, without judgement, thoughts of enjoyment nor desperation…”

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