Albert Janzen was born in 1989 in Siberia and grew up in Germany. After 13 years at the School of Music and Art he decided to follow his artistic path autonomously alongside studying Philosophy and Mathematics in Berlin. It was during this time that he discovered his love for the line. He went to London to study Logic and became acquainted with the contemporary art scene. There he became inspired by the autonomous work of Cy Twombly, Gerhard Richter and Zao Wou-Ki. In 2015 Albert won the first Luxembourg Art Prize whilst finishing his Masters in Logic at the University of Amsterdam.

Janzen’s works is basically a composition of clean drawing lines; these lines are the key to create aesthetically pleasant patterns. His purpose is not to create a drawing but to draw something that can create art by themselves. Looking at his work, we can admire the ultimate simplicity of the line that provides its independent aesthetics.


All Rights Reserved to Albert Janzen

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