Analemma is a speculative project by Clouds Architecture Office, based in New York. Speculative because the building is actually triggering the traditional idea of an earth-based foundation: it’s supported by a space-based foundation from which the tower is suspended.

This system is referred to as the Universal Orbital Support System (UOSS) and its explanation is even simple: by placing a large asteroid into orbit over earth, a high strength cable can be lowered towards the surface of earth from which a super tall tower can be suspended. The studio developed also a studio on the orbital mechanics for Analemma: “geosynchronous orbit matches earth’s sidereal rotation period of one day. The tower’s position in the sky traces out a path in a figure-8 form, returning the tower to exactly the same position in the sky each day. Ground trace annotated with 24-hour segments corresponding to the towers position over a specific geographic feature…Manipulating asteroids is no longer relegated to science fiction. In 2015 the European Space Agency sparked a new round of investment in asteroid mining concerns by proving with its Rosetta mission that it’s possible to rendezvous and land on a spinning comet. NASA has scheduled an asteroid retrieval mission for 2021 which aims to prove the feasibility of capturing and relocating an asteroid.”

Analemma Tower is a provocative proposal for the world’s tallest building ever. “Harnessing the power of planetary design thinking, it taps into the desire for extreme height, seclusion and constant mobility. If the recent boom in residential towers proves that sales price per square foot rises with floor elevation, then Analemma Tower will command record prices, justifying its high cost of construction.”


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