Intrigued by images of otherness and the rekindling of a prehispanic legacy in the Andean region, Bolivian artist Andrés Pereira Paz produces images of the fragmentation, transformation and rebirth of the past

That is the vengeance of the broken quipus: that all should be this entangled, that our count of the days should squeak a fearful fugue, imperial functionaries descending the peaks to administer a Collapse turned sacred. And from the sea the mermaid’s tail reaches long into car engines but in the homes the fire is weak. To pick up the shards of polymeric reflections, manufactured in sweatshops far away and follow coded 16-bit ritual instructions. To study the longevity of the snake and the thousand masks of the potato. Is this a way of saying goodbye, or maybe is the spiral turned upside down, and decay is the only way out?


All Rights reserved to Andrés Pereira Paz

Images by Andrés Pereira Paz, Ryder Project Space and Terremoto mag

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