Tyler Haywood is a freelance motion graphics artist based in Los Angeles, CA. He says: “my favorite design challenges to tackle involve crafting dynamic camera animations, establishing intelligent compositions, and creating focus driven motion. My background in traditional animation techniques and experimental film making has made me a strong asset to any team…” He has been directing, animating, and designing for clients such as: HBO, Cinemax, the NFL, the NHL, the NBA, Audi, Facebook, and more.

One of his project is Angular Geometry, the longest running every day GIF blog on Tumblr, with over 1590 GIFs – one per day. “I have always thought of Angular Geometry as a sketchbook,” Haywood shares with Colossal. “Just open it up and see what happens. Every day is a fresh start, so there is no need to worry all that much. Sometimes I will scroll through my archive of over 1500 GIFs and see patterns or ideas that come through in my art that I didn’t realize were there in the moment of creation. It is an interesting catalog of my subconscious in some ways.”


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