Stu/D/O Architects is a design company practicing architecture, urbanism, and sustainable design. Their approach aims “to consider the layers of physical and cultural archaeologies at each site to invent new possibilities for the buildings’ function, context, and space, while insist on integrating passive sustainable design in every process.” The architecture practice is based in Bangkok, Thailand; at the moment the studio has important projects currently under construction, include the new headquarters for Zonic Vision Office in Bangkok, a resort-type condominium in Khao Yai (Nakornratchasima), the Kurve Seven Community Mall in Eastern Bangkok, and several private residences across the country.

In 2016 Stu/D/O built Aperture House, a house for a photographer and a landscape designer; the sudio decided to create a 4 story tall rectangular volume carved out with large openings on the facade to enjoy the natural landscape. The design is also functional to daylight exposure: “Whilst the expansive facade openings flood rooms with daylight, the small tapered openings composed main corridors, filtering natural light patterns to continuously transform and enhance the domestic spaces.  From the exterior, the 0.60×0.60 m square punctures are uniformly equal and elegantly dispersed and as the changing daylight travels through the gradually tapered voids into the interior, the dynamic shifting of lights and shadows create interest from the inside and out.”

“Aperture House captures the turnings of time through the interplay of lights and shadows, as daylight cascade through the architectural facade and openings.”  Visit Stu/D/O’s page to see more projects


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