ACHILLE_Batiik Studio

Completed in October 2016 by the French firm Batiik Studio, Achille is a tiny studio dwelling located in Saint-Denis, Paris. With a budget of 32,000 euros, the project is a renovation of an old dilapidated flat (32 square meters) designed for a young bachelor. Rebecca Benichou, the founder of Batiik Studio, has an unerring eye for shapes, she approaches architecture in a visual way and her interventions are characterized by a perfect harmony between the elements in the space. Achille is an example, arranged with taste and intuition: unplastered walls contrast with the wood furniture textures in a mix between elegance and roughness. To optimize the existing space, Batiik Studio designed a bedroom solution with an integrated closet and bathroom: the bed is surrounded by a black wooden box where the dweller can store his clothes. On one side of the box a black door opens up in an elegant and bright marble bathroom.

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