ASYMPTOTE is a collaboration between the photographer Evelyn Bencicova and the artist Adam Csoka Keller, a project aiming to explore, reflect and build a new perspective on life under the socialist regime. Based on a thorough research of the subject and a collection of testimonies and opinions of people, the creators of the series describe it as “a fusion of observations, facts and photography illustrating situations from real life under the socialist regime created in order to break the traditional confines of the public’s views on the era and its aesthetics”, as well as “a complex illustration of the era and a kind of eye-opener especially for the younger generation”, which often lacks interest, the insights and authentic resources to understand beyond their present.


Architecture and human form a language, in a play of power, control and self-discipline. Repetition of sound, visual perfection, each element is carefully arranged to fit the established purpose and ideal. There is no escape from this labyrinthine world. Not following the rules drives to exclusion and sanction. The subtle invasion of the present in the past makes it difficult to recognize the borders which separate them.


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