Matteo Di Ciommo is a designer with a strong sensibility, who believes in the wonder of things (previously on WeVux). His works are imbued with poetry and his new project Atlantis, a limited edition of bronze and glass vases, is another proof of his delicate approach to the objects:

“The only thought that Atlantis really exists is a sincere desire of wonder; a particular mixture of possibilities, hope and will that the wonder exists and thanks to it the beauty is alive, although hidden somewhere.

I did not want to make simple vases to hold flowers. I wanted to look for a container that could have its own life independent of the content; also empty or with dry branches or fruit. I wanted the container to be animated by an intimate own life and not something simply to be filled. I thought of Atlantis reflecting on the water, faithful companion of the vases and then to underwater landscapes that would create a horizon or a panorama. The vase doing so lives in the water; it becomes a living landscape with its own content and no longer just a container, a small spark of wonder.”

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