Augusto De Luca (1955) is a photographer and performer from Naples. Despite his Law degree, he became a professional photographer in the mid-70s. He devoted himself to traditional photography and experimentation using different photographic materials.
His style is characterized by particular attention to the frames and to the minimal expressivity of the framed object. Images of clear realism are flanked by others in which forms and related signs recall the lesson of metaphysics.

“In an image, geometry serves me as the grammar of the expressive language. The structural skeleton, the composition and the geometric cut give a reading key to the image. “

Augusto De Luca is internationally known, he has exhibited in many Italian and foreign galleries. His photographs are part of public and private collections such as those of the International Polaroid Collection (USA), the National Library of Paris, the Municipal Photo Archive of Rome, the National Gallery of Aesthetic Arts of China (Beijing), the Charleroi Museo de la Photographie (Belgium).


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