Kit Webster is a Melbourne-based artist that works with scuplture, installation and technologies to create experiences for festivals, exhibitions, performances and more. At the forefront of digital and spatial experimentation, he has become known for his hybrid sculptural forms and immersive environments, developed through audio and visual effects

One of his latest work is AXIOM, an edifice of light, sculpted from a matrix of more than 700,000 LEDs. Emerging as three symmetrically aligned archways, the installation presents a canvas for a series of video animations designed to embody and envelop its surfaces and contours. The animations and synchronised soundscapes provide an evolving syncopated framework, moving from meditative pulsations to rapid percussions, enhanced by hypnotic musical overtones. As these audiovisual arrangements gradually unfold throughout the work, the elements of light, sound, space and time are explored, anatomised and re-invented.



All Rights Reserved to Kit Webster

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