Inspired by the landscapes and structures imagined in J.G. Ballard’s dystopian writings, Berlin-based artist Jean-Pascal Flavien presents the installation “Ballardian House”, immersing his visitors in an off-key echo of domesticity.

Located in Esther Schipper Gallery, Jean-Pascal Flavien’s installation assembles various sculptural elements to create a reduced domestic environment. In homage to Ballard, Flavien designs a universe that symbolically charges the elements of the piece with conditions of psychological and existential instability. Upon closer inspection, the structure presents a partition with habitable space, including a camping bed and a manifesto of displaced Ballardian words. Continuing the themes of mirroring, coupling and splitting that occur throughout the piece, Flavien includes a pair of entangled red metal chairs, alluding to a presence of inhabitants and informing a viewer’s subconscious anticipation of interaction.


All Rights Reserved to Jean-Pascal Flavien

(via ignant)

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