Naturally is a Nillson’s work in progress. He’s a photographer, he grew up in Sweden spending a lot of time in the forest but his entire adult life living in the city. Through his experiments with dancers and circus artists he came back to explore nature.

“Naturally was born from that inspiration to explore, both the landscape and our role within it. Working with the naked figure in nature is straightforward, there is an obvious connection with our natural history. I’m interested in what happens when I introduce cultural elements – colour, shape and dance gestures – to question that relationship. What fascinates me about dancers, is how they use and perfect such a large range of movements, from the organic to the decidedly artificial, such as pointed feet. My choice of other elements build on that contrast, both integrating into the scene and serving as a focal point. The placement and choice of colour add a symbolic layer, creating possibly unexpected interpretations. Naturally is also a personal journey of exploration. My interventions took on a theme of tension between order and chaos. I like to align, structure, analyse and ultimately control – in a visual sense – the world around me. The dancers with their free expression confront me with an opportunity to let go of a bit of my control and let the chaos unfold. In a way the dancer in my work also comes to embody my original childhood playfulness.”

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