Simone Rocha was born in a village near Dublin, Ireland, 1986; her father is a Hong Kong-born designer and her mother, Odette, worked on his celebrated international fashion label. Simone has a master in Fine Art and in 2010 she graduated Fashion MA at Central Saint Martin’s College, London.


In September 2010 she debuted at London Fashion Week and won Designer of the Year at the British Fashion Awards in 2016. She is an emotional designer that wants to share the idea of nowadays femininity.

Ireland is not a fashion capital and she prefers to work on 3D models, find the intimate, open-minded approach and expose it. She empathizes on traditional textiles craft, such as laminated leather and plasticised crochet and aiming to show her Asian/Irish culture; she is influenced by friends such as photographers, artists and writers from all over the world. “I’m not talking about pure feminism here”- she says – “Whether you are a hard woman, a soft woman, a practical woman or a frivolous woman, there is a strand running through the work that you can relate to. I think that is what makes it ‘femininity’ because it is woman to woman”.


All Rights reserved to Simone Rocha’s amazing mind.

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