Bethan Gray is an award winning Welsh designer with an extraordinary background. Her family hails from an ancient Rajasthani clan that over centuries migrated across Arabia and Persia before settling in the Celtic heartland of Wales. Bethan’s signature style reveals a love of detail, tactile textures, and luxurious materials such as semi-precious stones, marble, wood, and hand-tooled leather. For the London Design Festival, 17-25 September 2016, Bethan created the Shamsian Collection, an handmade series made using stained wood and brass marquetry, based on Omani architecture and crafts. It’s composed by a cabinet named Nizwa and the tables Dhow, Masirah and Paua.

“Cultural referencing is at the heart of my design philosophy, currently I’m particularly drawn to the graphic nature of Islamic art and craft… Through my travels and research I’m inspired to create original, contemporary pieces that resonate with global, as well as local, audiences, and that have an elegant and timeless appeal.”

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