PaulinePlusLuis is a design studio based in Brussels, created by Pauline Capdo and Luis Bellenger in 2015. They both studied product design in Saint-Luc Tournai and Industrial design at La Cambre in Brussels. Their eclectic background, artisanal, artistic and then industrial, built their design approach that combines experiment, craft and industry.

One of their latest project is Bijou, a portable table lamp. It is inspired by the very first battery-operated lamps: first intended for technical uses – in the areas of mining industry, navy, or railways – they have evolved to become a daily object. Its name comes from one of the first portable lamps that was designed for domestic use, from which its aesthetics is inspired. The Bijou lamp comes from the story and the industrial aesthetics of these first battery-operated lamps that have became iconic, combined with contemporary lighting techniques. This confrontation makes the object timeless and familiar. Its simple aesthetics reflects its use. The handle, that allows assembling all the components, highlights the nomadic aspect of the lamp. The horizontal open tube symbolizes the bi-directional light, while the vertical tube represents the basis. The Bijou lamp is made of anodized aluminium. Its basis contains the electrical system, composed of a USB rechargeable battery and a dimmer, as well as the LED light source. The light is reflected in the upper part and diffused in both directions thanks to the two translucent PMMA discs.

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