BLURRY VENICE_ Plastique Fantastique

Plastique Fantastique is a platform for temporary architecture which samples the performative possibilities of urban environments. Established in Berlin in 1999, “Plastique Fantastique has been influenced by the unique circumstances that made the city a laboratory for temporary spaces and has specialised in creating pneumatic installations as alternative, adaptable, low energy spaces for temporary and ephemeral activities. The transparent, lightweight and mobile shell structures relate to the notion of activating, creating and sharing public space and involving citizens in creative processes.”

Imagine a space where neither wall, nor ceiling nor floor exists. Like a city in a realm where land and water have no clear border. In this blurred dream-like space, visitors walk on water, projecting their own shadows and becoming performers and observers to each other.

Blurry Venice is an oniric experience, where the boundaries between environment and architecture disappear. Air, water and skyline melt together. The installation distorts the perception and creates illusion, which turns architectural construction into an imaginary landscape. The expanding space is squeezed by several marble “briccole” sculpted by Fabio Viale, which creates a passage on water where people can walk through.

Art director Stelios Kois, other artists at the Venice Pavilion exhibition: Fabio Viale, Sidival Fila, Ferzan Ozpetek, Bureau Borsche, Γιώργος Κουμεντάκης / Giorgos Koumendakis.


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