Boring Collection is the result of a collaboration between Lensvelt Contract furniture and Space Encounters Office for Architecture.

“The collection was conceived and developed out of dissatisfaction with the appearance of contemporary project furniture. The looks of affordable office furniture are pretty much dictated by legislation and therefore often detonate with the rest of the interior and surroundings. Boring Collection does not pretend to be more beautiful, in fact; Boring collection does not claim any attention. To the last detail, the furniture is a modest soft grey, and all shapes are archetypical, straightforward and discrete, with only one goal: to draw the eye to the things that actually matter. Because its not about the furniture… For the promotion of the collection visual artist duo Lernert & Sander were attracted. Not the furniture, but office life itself is given the lead in their campaign… The collection consists of an EN approved task chair, visitor chair, acoustic panel, low and high cabinet and four types of desks, among which a standing desk. Furthermore there’s a Boring bin and a clock which, true to office culture, only shows the numbers of the liberating moment.”

(via dezeen)

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