Ukranian firm AKZ Architectura is a team of independent engineers, their focus is “urban environments formation through commercial and social spaces…”

One of the studio’s project is the renovation of a standard apartment from the 1930s and change of its use into a recreational and minimal café, named Bowl. The space dimensions are challenging, about 60 sqm, but its configuration maximizes its limitations. The primary design feature of ‘Bowl’ is its metal mesh construction, formed by a long communal bench, with chairs, stools, and dining tables made from the metal, and topped by glass slabs. This industrial aesthetic is backdropped by stuccoed walls with exposed patches of bricks, a gray marble service counter, and a single fiddle-leaf fig, softening the austere interior. The cafe’s menu is characterized by its various bowls filled with fruits and vegetables, in addition to filter coffee and smoothies.

Photography by Lesha Yanchenkov and Polina Podobedova


via ignant

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