Designed by H&P Architects, Brick cave is a house located in a suburban commune of Hanoi which has undergone a rapid process of urbanization. It is designed to shape a place similar to the natural environment in an artificial manner.

The overall structure is made up of and enclosed by two layers of brick wall meeting one another at an intersection, with alternate ‘green’ arrangements of plants and vegetables. Bricks have long been a familiar local material and widely used in rural areas of Vietnam with a simple manual construction method. The two built-in layers of wall function as a filter to eliminate the adverse aspects of the external environment (sunshine, dust, noise) and bring nature (light, rain, wind) to where necessary inside. Above the outer wall is tilted inward in different diagonals to create better viewing angles for the general landscape of the area. The combination of “close” and “open” creates diverse relations with the surroundings and thus helps blur the boundaries between in and out, houses and streets/alleys, human and nature.


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