With references to childhood memorabilia as well as the mystical and absurd, Bubi Canal from Spain invites us to a musical and colorful wonderland.

Movements for the gods amusement. Dance floors , outdoors,overload of furious furors. Music fantastic, plastic bombastic. Red recesses dressing rehearses. Blue voodoo undoes,a revue to pursue, unscrews. Yellow, odd fellow, bellows , the mellow sparrow of the pharaoh. Green spleen will convene at a serene ravine, a teen mean Athene queen. Black what a hack maniac, flashback macaque escapes insomniac wolf pack. And white, night’s plight for the sprites, bright knight and acolyte, shall recite with Masonite foresight. All around, clap now, clap now, commence countdown for dream time, now earthbound.


All Rights Reserved to Bubi Canal

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