“BUREAU SPECTACULAR is an operation of architectural affairs founded and led by Jimenez Lai since 2008. It is located in Los Angeles.” The amazing aspect of the studio is that they practice “architecture through the contemplation of art, history, politics, sociology, linguistics, mathematics, graphic design, technology, and storytelling. We often find ourselves at the crossroads of all disciplines, yet comfortably embracing the healthy intersections between the many intellectual human discourses.”

In 2015 SFMOMA acquired some of the studio’s drawing and later on the museum asked them to develop the ideas illustrated into 3D models, alongside a comic that Lai created in 2013 titled “When I Grow Up”. These models are now collected in the exhibition called Insideoutsidebetweenbeyond, the show is on display at SFMOMA until 13 August 2017.

“The Los Angeles–based studio considers architecture to be a medium capable of rewriting sociological narratives” said SFMOMA curator Jennifer Dunlop Fletcher.


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