Formafatal is a Czech studio founded by architect Dagmar Stepanova, and the team is now composed by architects, designers and scenographers. The creative studio focused on architecture, interior and exhibition design.

The studio was commissioned the interiors of a new Mexican restaurant by Burrito Loco fast food chain. Marked by strong colours and some stereotyped elements that are easily recognisable by the general public, Formafatal translates Mexico’s great variety and glamour through materials: ceramic tiles, walls, corrugated metal sheets, cladding and chairs. The studio also installed some globally-known symbols of Mexican pop culture, like cactuses and hanging paper garlands. The stylized sun of the Burrito Loco logo has been carefully applied to soft elements such as pillows and windows. Bathrooms are essential, painted with the same flamingo pink of the chairs and the petrol blue of the restaurant walls.


Photography, Jakub Skokan a Martin Tůma, BoysPlayNice

(via domus)

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