MIAS Architects is an internationally recognized Architecture and Urbanism Studio, founded by Josep Miás in 2000, known for both its innovative experimental projects and its practice combining sustainable technology, innovative manufacturing and cutting edge construction practices. For the Calella Therautic Community project, the studio converted three industrial buildings into a centre against drug addiction. Windows, natural light and friendly interiors are the major theme throughout this project.

Clear lines, concrete floors, wooden roofs mixed with brick stone, and little details such as a table installed upside down under the ceiling itself, work as ironic yet playful and charming comment questioning even perspectives of the supposedly sane in the Therapeutic Center.
Defined by clear lines, stones and wood, the re-used second hand elements – such as old movie chairs converted into waiting room furniture or Mediterranean ceramics interrupting the clean design of concrete floors with mandala-like patterns – create a light and inartificial environment. The transparency induced by the windows also continued in the milk glass walls of doctor’s offices, transmitting the sensation of “normality” and modern domestic coziness for both doctors and patients. The reconstruction of the therapeutic community combined the old, the new, the seemingly unnecesary and opened up new lightful spaces to be inhabited. The mix of old material, the industrial yet cosy and almost vintage environment create for both patients and visitors a welcoming and embracing environment.

Photography by Del Rio Bani


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