“The Factory 4.0 is considered as one of the greatest challenges we will see in the coming years, a new way to design and produce that has as its key concepts the digital manufacturing, intelligent and distributed.”

Caracol Design Studio team – previously on WeVux –  exhibited during Milan Design Week ’17 their latest project focused on post-industrial design: two installations, one at BASE Milano and one at Isola Design district to challenge the approach to design through the help of a new way of looking at the potential of technology. An interesting approach “on the interactions between man and object, between man and machine. We are carrying out an operation of relocation, industrial machine leaves the factory and mass production to become a spontaneous and natural extension of the human gesture, necessary and dictated by the evolution of technique.”



The installation at Isola Design District wanted to present the creative process to realize “unique clay artifacts through an additive manufacturing process executed by a 6-axis robotic arm.” The final pieces have been post-produced live by Jelena Djakonovic, artist and designer from Belgrad, to connect the two different modus operandi, apparently opposite but “deeply connected and able to cross the line between art and design…The rhythm established by a continuous digital/analog alternating transports the audience into a narrative that brings to light the more human and fascinating aspects of digital fabrication, a process that begins with the man, passes through the machine and ends in the hands of the artist.”

At BASE Milano, in the spaces managed by CNA – National Confederation of Handicrafts – Caracol participated with their project, carried along with Wemake: ROBOTRIP. Thanks to it they explore further applications of robots to find new way of use. ” The research is focused on the creative use of robotics technology in new application for art and design”. The model exhibited was Kuka Robot, “an industrial robotic arm that became a creative tool that does not crush the handicraft, but helps it to get into the new industrial revolution.”

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