Leopold Banchini Architects is a multidisciplinary research team exploring the frontiers of space shaping. Deliberately ignoring borders and embracing globality, it aims to expend the traditional definitions of project making using DIY culture and eclecticism as means of emancipation. Deeply rooted in architectural history, it is interested as well in contemporary popular cultures as in vernacular traditions and crafts. Addressing architecture as a form of social action, it places political and environmental considerations at the very heart of its practice.


Casa do Monte is a minimalist residence located in Lisboa, Portugal, designed by the studio. The home is characterized by a monolith stone centerpiece that extends the entire height of the home, and serves as a partition from the rest of the space. The privacy created by the stone allowed the architects to reserve certain spaces like the bathroom within the enclosure. In addition, the material is both hygienic and easy to clean, furthering its function while also serving as an aesthetic statement.


All rights reserved to Leopold Banchini Architects

Photography by Dylan Perrenoud

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