Main Office, Sima Agisheva, Dante Borgo and Isabella Eriksson’s firm based in Guadalajara and Göteborg, works within the fields of architecture, urban planning, interior design and concept development. They strongly believe in design as a process, analyzing each parameter of the project as an opportunity instead of a restriction. “Main Office philosophy rejects any precipitation on the architectural form. It has been proven on our experience, that taking the right time to involve the client in the design process, can increase the possibility of a better quality on our projects.”



Casa Linda Theresia is one of their latest projects, the second out of three residential commissions in the seaside town of Sayulita, Mexico. Located on a steeply sloping lot, directly overlooking the sea and occupied by three tiny houses dating back to the fifties, Main Office aimed at “keeping the idea of a small village nestled within the site.”

Design strategies are mainly intended to fine tune the relationship between building and landscape: architectural volumes, almost entirely oriented towards the coastline, are split in order to adjust with the sloping terrain; a series of platforms at different heights, including accessible rooftops and an infinity pool, provide privileged viewpoints to the ocean and the sunset; the extension of the buildings’ imprint is conditioned by the existing trees – a lush subtropical vegetation including palms and almond trees, plantains and ferns –which at the same function as frames contouring panoramic views.

Casa LT is an effective belvedere-tool, but it proves to be less convincing when looked at from the beach. Flattened against the hill elevation, its blocks seem to disproportionately fill the available space, and without any apparent logic; the plot’s perimeter wall stresses its boundaries rather than the desired continuity with its surroundings.


Photo credits Rafaél Gamo

(via Domus)

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