Casal Balaguer is an ancient palace located in Palma de Mallorca historic center. Already in the nineties the Palma City Council had decided to turn Casal Balaguer in a cultural center, Flores & Prats Architects and Duch-Pizá has converted what was a private house in a public building open to the entire city.

On the ground floor there is the new cultural center entrance with a reception, a café and an exhibition gallery on two floors. The main floor becomes a house-museum and the attic floor is used as a conference room and workshops for the Fine Arts School in Palma de Mallorca. The use and control of light is one of the factors that have made the most significant transformation: the architects have worked hard on new openings. These changes will take visitors through the building, with different shades of lighting, different sizes and geometries. The work of Flores & Prats + Duch-Pizá tried to prevent the lost of spatial complexity and mystery, a characteristic that has defined the palace layers up to now.


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