Ilaria Bianchi is an Italian designer, based in Milan; CastAway Furniture is one her latest project, heavily grounded in critical theory and concept: she designed products from materials found on the streets of London, questioning what constitutes waste.



Developed over two years, the project gives new life to trash, it re-contextualize both industrial and urban waste materials in a series of playful furniture pieces. The project planned to look into producing different types of products such as chairs, tables and bookcases, using cast-away material.

“The aim is to observe what behavioural patterns arise when objects that are generally perceived as belonging to the private sphere are left unsupervised for public use, in order to assess whether a sense of community can be reinforced through the employment of design ideas… Since our attachment to privately owned objects is so strong, perhaps generating a stronger sense of collective ownership of our public spaces could revive our concern towards what we share as a community.” writes Ilaria. Visit her website to know more about the project!


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