Caterina Bianchini Studio is a multi-award winning studio in London. “The studio’s ethos is firmly grounded in art, conceptual ideas and experimentation. Each project challenges current design norms by creating unique typographic layouts and carefully curated colour palettes. Projects are approached with strategic thinking, creating work that is considered, charismatic and beautiful.”

Her previous job as senior designer at Boiler Room certainly helped define and grow her style. She said in an interview “Boiler Room was amazing for experimenting with design — I developed my typography a lot there,” she explains. “It was just me and Joe Prytherch that worked in the design department at the time, so it was really full-on and busy. This allowed me to work well under pressure with short turnarounds, which has helped with my freelance work.”

Caterina’s inspiration is the work of John Baldessari and Wassily Kandinsky, other motivations stem from everyday scenarios where something unexpected will grab her attention. Her process for branded work is informed by a simple course of development, where a well-informed sketch will then evolve into a “broad” digital creation. In terms of poster work and illustration, she tends to design with a more “playful and charismatic” style that fully allows the viewer to evoke a sense of fun and enjoyment from the imagery. To see more projects, visit Caterina Bianchini Studio’s website!


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