A traditional cave dwelling in the Loess Plateau of Shanxi Province in China has been recently renovated into a Cave House, an unconventional home made of rammed earth, by Shanghai-based firm hyperSity.

In that specific area of China, the original house was formerly a ‘yaodong’ or ‘house cave’ — a traditional house carved out of the earth to create a sunken courtyard. HyperSity team was able to preserve the largest cave, which now acts as the primary living area, while the southwest caves were renovated as independent living spaces offering kitchen, bedrooms, bathroom, dining area and storage space. To increase natural light, skylights have been incorporated, and open-air courtyards connect the living spaces. A central skylight provides a light tunnel made of glass, separating the bedroom and living space of the main home. The rammed earth used to construct the walls is composed of mixed sands and clays from the tops of the surrounding mountains. Click here for more info about the project.


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(via ignant)

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