The Vietnamese practice Tropical Space (previously on WeVux) created a giant steel-wired chicken coop named Chicken’s House in My Hanh Nam. The clients, an aged couple who want to move to the countryside, wanted to raise some chickens in the garden so that they can take care of them, feed them and watch them every day as a way to clear their mind.

The design team did not want to imprison the chickens in small cages. “The chickens also need free space, air, a place to drink water, lay and hatch eggs. Sometime, they dig the soil, eat some leaves or chase each other. We want to give them a large and safe space to form a miniature social community for chickens and ducks.”



Made from steel, steel grid and a roofing material called cemboard, the 20-meter square structure features vertical climbing frames and ladders, different levels and boxed platforms. These platforms also act as canopies and provide shelter from direct sunlight. Different heights were made in response to the chicken’s behavior patterns: during the night they were seen to go up to higher levels.

“Designing this chicken house actually aims to create fun and inspiration for the kids. The team thinks of the little kids in the big cities, they are growing up in a society where adults live fast and always busy. The kids only know about school, studying and games. The children grow up without distinguishing between the buffalo and the cow, the grasshopper and the locusts are different.”


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