Christopher Murphy is an American painter, he attended Fine Arts courses at Columbus College of Art and Design in Ohio and then he received his Fine Arts Master’s degree at Georgia Southern University.

“As an artist, my goal is to serve as a purveyor of knowledge. Through visual art I want to reconstruct a new vernacular; one that pertains to our contemporary culture, but builds on the foundation of previous forms of expression. The strength of my images lie in their indecipherability, which prevents the viewer from instant identification and invites him or her to explore the work on a deeper level. In each composition I build up layers of paint; then gouge and sand the surface exposing parts of the under-painting to reveal previous versions of the work. I also incorporate found objects and random elements which reflect my everyday experiences. These methods of expression build an image resembling a void filled with incomplete thoughts, lost memories, and disconnected fragments of conversation, all the remnants of human expression, all the refuse of humanity’s continuous discourse. Together these elements serve as a metaphor of our collective human experience and the search for the meaning of existence.”

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