Made by MODU, Cloud Seeding is an “old but gold” project (2014) that we’ve never talked about. MODU is a New York based interdisciplinary architecture practice – with an affiliate studio in Rome – specialized in smart design that connects people to their environments.

Made for Israel’s national museum, Design Museum Holon, Cloud Seeding is located in the plaza pavilion and it shows more than design: it can engage public experiences. The structure invites the public to attend the urban life and creates boundaries between sun and shade that are dynamic, responsive, and fragmented: at the top of the structures, moving ceilings supports 30000 lightweight balls, or “seeds,” made of PET plastic, recycled from plastic water bottles, in motion on a fabric mesh. They move freely with the wind on the surface and this movement creates a connection between the public and the invisible forces of weather. The structure is inspired by the agricultural greenhouse, its different ceilings allow a different use.


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