Eric Wong is a student from Bartlett School of Architecture and Cohesion is one of his project, a relocation in the Isle of Man of the new UK’s capital city, a speculative and investigative model to cultivate accessibility, green sustainability and compassion.

In the past century, countries have considered the relocation of their capitals and more than 200 capital cities have since emerged. London is an unusual capital of both government and commerce compared to most major economies, a separation of the two may be desirable when compared to the few cities with a single capital – France and Russia are models of over-centralisation and the Japanese government has been considering a relocation from Tokyo for some time.

Similarly, geographical separation could provide a different light on the UK from a non-London perspective. “The relocation would at foremost, see a radical geographical redistribution of wealth and eased pressures on London’s transport and housing market. “Accessibility”, “Green Sustainability” and “Compassion” aims to place a forward looking lens on some of these problems. Accessibility relates to the geographical relocation of the country’s capital and how this has the potential to alter the counterbalance in the country. Green Sustainability refers to the architectonic interventions within the proposed new capital which aims to provide energy, clean water, food and shelter sustainably. Compassion speculates on the duty and role of a renewed United Kingdom to provide for the refugee crisis and disenfranchised generation. The proposal does not seek to find a solution to current issues, but it aims to speculate on an alternative and questions the “what if” scenario.”


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