SPS+ Architects was established in 1960 by Wendell Rossman, a forward-thinking architect who developed the practice follow precedent of innovation through design

One of their project from 2015 is Collage House, that looks at the idea of recycling and collage in several ways, from the physical – materials, to the intangible – as history and memories. The front façade is the perfect example, it’s made with old recycled windows and doors of demolished houses in the city. From the garden we can see metal pipe leftovers put together, integrating structural columns and drain pipes. In the central courtyard you can find some scrap rusted metal plates that are riveted together, and tile samples in bright colors retain a planter in the middle. On the terrace hundred-year-old columns from a dismantled house bring back memories and nostalgia. The structure of the pavilion is made in steel and glass with solar panels above. The interior spaces are also characterized by the contrast between old and new, traditional and the contemporary, the rough and the finished. Together with this, the architects searched new ways of using traditional elements and materials like carved wooden mouldings, beveled mirrors and heritage cement tiles.


Images by Sebastian Zachariah

(via domus)

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