The Collector’s Nook is a residential oasis in São Paulo, Brazil, designed by mf+arquitetos. The Brazilian architecture firm describe the project as a “refuge, characterized by simple features, purity of forms, integration with nature and use of natural materials with a color palette of earthy tones. The touch of fabrics, the heat of the wood, the nobility of the marble, the rusticity of the stone and the concrete are mixed with the essential.”

The studio focused on establishing formal purity and an integration between interior and exterior spaces, they used warm, textured wood, especially in the structure’s screened walls that create the front façade. The walls allow light to travel throughout and create intricate geometric patterns along the interior surfaces. The kitchen and bathroom walls are covered with a dark, white-veined marble to generate contrast.


Images by Felipe Araujo

All Rights Reserved to Mf+Arquitetos

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