Franck Bohbot (1980) was born in south Paris and currently lives in New York City. He graduated with a Master’s Degree in Film Production (ESG-Paris) in 2006 and he is a freelance photographer and filmmaker.

Franck beginning his career as a still photographer on short films and, almost ten years ago, he decided to fully concentrates to photography. His main subjects are public spaces, urban landscapes, architectural and environmental portraits. When he was young, he was used to play drums until late at night. This allows Bohbot to appreciate the darkness of the night, the silence and the rarefied atmosphere of empty suburbs.

His images captures surreal symmetries and his goal is to create aesthetic and narrative visions by using long exposures, natural and fluorescent lights. He can balance the power of inanimate buildings with the life that flows within. He takes picture from factories, swimming pools, libraries, funfairs, theatres and dark suburbs. You can find his works on TIME magazine, National Geographic, The New York times, Wired, Architectural Digest, and many others.


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