Copenhagen Gate is a project that will start in 2016 and it includes two new towers that act as supports for a bridge, floating on the water. Designed by Stephen Holl Architects’ in 2008, the project is “based on the concept of two towers carrying two bridges at two orientations all connecting back to the unique aspects of the site’s history. The Langelinie site, a berth for ocean ships for decades, is expressed in the Langelinie tower, Gate L, with geometry taken from the site’s shape. Gate L is expected to be furnished with cafes and restaurants. The Marmormolen tower, Gate M, connects back to the City.”

The design has a reason behind: it is the result of bureaucracy and regulations. According to Mikael Colville-Andersen of the Copenhagenize blog, no home in Copenhagen is allowed to be more than 500 meters away from public transport. Getting from one side to the other requires a 2.2 kilometer detour, which puts the constructed homes in this area out of that range. This explains the need for a bike bridge, the height is necessary for the location over a working port: ships need to get in and out. More details on Stephen Holl Architects’


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