Today we will not talk about products or architectures, but trade and services. Hack for Italy is a contest of ideas held from 27 to 29 March, during which several teams worked online to find digital and non-digital solutions aimed at addressing the economic and social challenges of the emergency. There are three «impossible missions»: «Save Lives»: the saving of human lives, through ideas and applications to support health efforts to contain the infection; «Save Communities», through social support for students, workers and the elderly; “Save Businesses”: a lifesaver for the economy. Unitipossiamo is one of the projects born within the competition and aims to help trade during the management of the Covid-19 emergency. How? With a simple gesture, bringing together in one site all the delivery platforms for local stores. Why? As the team explains: «The goal is to support local trade by avoiding fragmentation and simplifying the purchasing system. Every day “Unitipossiamo” is updated with new members »

At the moment there are already 22 platforms on the portal, each user can therefore immediately find the shop closest to home and discover its services. By clicking on the activity, you can also retrieve the telephone contact or access the connected platform to place an order. Many stores also allow you to buy gift cards and discount coupons to spend them as soon as they reopen. Those not yet present because they are not registered on any platform can freely choose the one most suitable for themselves and thus add themselves to the list.
The team members work on the development of the site on a voluntary basis, each one doing it from home according to their skills and available time.

The project is a healthy example of how collaboration between professionals and love for a local territory can come together to create a simple but truly useful service, without speculation or additional costs for the users. The fragmented nature of the booking and delivery platforms systems can create a lot of confusion, especially with the older generations, Unitipossiamo tries to clarify and provide a service for everyone.

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