Cubiio is a 5cm cube that comes in 5 different colors and works as laser engraver. You can use it to customize your creations on paperboard, leather, wood, shoes and even pastries.

Cubiio is controlled by Cubiio App wirelessly, the app is available from Apple Store or Google Play. Cubiio uses G-Code files, a common machine language which is converted from vector grahics. The creators, Muherz start-up company, recommend the free open-source software – INKSCAPE, in which you can design vector graphics and generate your own files. Run the G-Code files on Cubiio like other laser engravers do. More detailed information will be available in Cubiio instructions.

Cubiio is now available on Kickstarter – with already four times the total amount request, one month before the campaign deadline!

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