CYPRAEA and its new 2021 furniture collection

CYPRAEA is a luxury brand specialized in top-quality furniture production. The company was born from Cedric Lincoln’s dream, a Mauritian entrepreneur and engineer with the desire to develop luxury artefacts with a unique tropical style, through pristine design and local craftsmanship. On the occasion of Fuorisalone 2019, the brand presented its capsule collection for the first time in Italy, you can read more about it here.

If the previous collections have been inspired by the Mauritian landscape and natural world, the new 2021 pieces want to go further, together with the sensibility of the brand itself: the new designs will no longer be inspired exclusively by Mauritius and its luxurious landscape, but will take inspiration from the natural world as a whole. As Cedric tells us “…we understand that no island is an island on its own. We form part of a global ecosystem that is in a crisis and to ignore that would be irresponsible. Cypraea was created with a mission in mind: to build a better future for the next generations.”

The brand accepts a new challenge: inspiration will travel further abroad to highlight global issues while still remaining firmly rooted in a passion and respect for nature. Secondly, Cypraea will also be opening the door to make some pieces more accessible with non-limited editions. (the 2019 capsule collection featured 19 exclusive pieces, each of which had a limited edition of 9 items). The goal is to reach more people and create a greater link between the outdoor and the indoor.

Below you can see the new Cypraea’s pieces, eccentric furniture with original shapes. From straight lines to rounded corners, passing through curves and broken lines, each piece tells a different story, but they all share one aspect: they recall nature to the point of merging into the landscape.

If you want to find out more about Cypraea and its commitment to environment, visit their website and follow the brand on Instagram!


Images by Jacques Rocca-Serra, courtesy of Cypraea

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