DOCUMENTA 14_Lovebomb

For Terre Thaemelitz, sales, distribution and claims are the essential tools of culture and thus they determine his* artistic practice, where her* roles as DJ Sprinkles, writer, contemporary artists, designer and businessman become one. In Lovebomb, the video/conceptual album on view at Documenta, these practices result in a disturbing,challenging and intense audiovisual experience.

Circuitry of shame interlaced with lower cerebellum, adjusting layers of ideological deviation, removing unwanted ambiguities in the system. Love, self replicating virus, malware of the spiritual storage units has been successfully installed, now downloading patterns of abuse. Acquire weapons today, through any means necessary, no shipping fees. A rhythm emerging from market studies, instrumentation provided by the need for total eternal economic growth. Community-based self referential hallucinations can be acquired in a range of comfortable and personalized options. Warning: internalized self hatred may result in outward appearances of functionality.



All Rights Reserved to Terre Thaemelitz

*We have tried to follow the use of personal pronouns that the artist uses to refer to himself/herself by alternating between feminine and masculine ones
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