Mexican born, Belgium-based Dodi Espinosa brings forth icons and symbols of violence, transformation and hidden knowledge reaching to both the ancient past and the urgent present.

Monkeyness floods the new born day. Bloodless, weak veins, hungry for hearts, receives the furry patron. So unfold events, gestures, thoughts, all infused with guttural laughter and a sharp shine of the eyes. Yes the flowers blossom, but they do it mockingly. Indeed the rain comes, but it hits you square on your back, like ripe sapotes staining a Jaguar’s skin. Again chests are cracked open with obsidian, today the black stone chuckles as it feed. Cruelty assumes more artful dances, hopefulness faces it with glowing trickery. With the last drops of the day the sun will be torn apart by stellar furies, the screams taste of carnival tonight.


All Rights reserved to Dodi Espinosa

(via Artviewer, Lost-painters)

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